Solar Charger PWM with LCD SC-30-60 MAX

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Solar Charger PWM with LCD
SC-30-60 MAX
Gyártó: Opti Solar

Solar Charger PWM with LCD

Brand new SC MAX series with state-of-the-art technology bring you unprecedented experence in solar power utilization.

• LCD display for status and settings
• One-year data memory
• 12V/24V automatic recognition
• Automatic temperature compensation • Multiple battery choices
• Four-stage charge method
• Electronic protections


Model  SC-30MAX 48VDC SC-30MAX  SC-40MAX SC-50MAX SC-60MAX
Nominal voltage  48V 12V / 24V automatic recognition
Max solar current or load current  30A 30A 40A 50A 60A
Max solar voltage  100V 55V
Max battery voltage 64V 40V
Dimensions / Weight  127 × 189 × 47 mm / 550g 127 × 189 × 47 mm / 550g 127 × 164 × 47 mm / 690g
Max. wire size  25mm2 50mm2
Typical power consumption  7 mA 13.8 mA 15 mA
Working temperature   -10°C ~ 60°C
Storage temperature   -25°C ~ 80°C
Relative humidity 10%~90% Non-condensation
Case protection  IP32
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