Solar Charger PWM SC-05-20 SM SC-05-20 SM-Z

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Solar Charger PWM
SC-05-20 SM
SC-05-20 SM-Z
Gyártó: Opti Solar

Solar Charger PWM
SC-05-20 SM
SC-05-20 SM-Z


Solar Charger

Light application
Power the lights only when there is no sunshine
SC-05SM / SC-10SM /
SC-15SM / SC-20SM


Equipment application
power the equipments any time
SC-05SM-Z / SC-10SM-Z /
SC-15SM-Z / SC-20SM-Z

For a variety of load applications, SC-SM and SC-SM-Z series offer you options.
SC-SM series with a PV sensor can output or not depending on PV power of levels, whereas SC-SM-Z series can continuously output whatever PV power exists or not.

• 12V/24V automatic recognition
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Three-stage charge method
• Electronic protections
• IP68 enclosure

Nominal voltage  12 V / 24 V automatic recognition 
Max solar current or load current  5A  10A  15A  20A 
Boost voltage  14.5 / 29 V (25ºC) 
Equalization voltage  14.8 / 29.6 V (25ºC) 
Float voltage  13.7 / 27.4 V (25ºC) 
Battery type  Flooded, Sealed 
Max solar voltage  55V 
Max battery voltage  40V 
Cable length  120mm / 80mm 
Over voltage protection  15.5 V / 31.0 V 
Dimensions / Weight  85 × 70 × 20 mm / 200g  85 × 85 × 20mm / 210g 
Wire cross-section  SC-05SM/SM-Z: 1.5 mm2; SC-10SM/SM-Z: 2.5 mm2; SC-15/SM-Z: 4 mm2 SC-20SM/SM-Z: 4 mm2 
Typical power consumption  Lower than 13mA / 15mA 
Working temperature  -40°C ~ 60°C 
Case protection  IP68 
Max altitude  4000 m 
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