High-Efficiency Hybrid / Off-Grid solar Inverter with charger (PWM) SP1000-5000 Efecto

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High-Efficiency Hybrid / Off-Grid solar Inverter with charger (PWM)
Gyártó: Opti Solar

High-Efficiency Hybrid / Off-Grid solar Inverter  with charger (PWM)

SP1000-5000 Efecto


SP Efecto Series
SP1000/2000/3000/4000/5000 Efecto

SP Efecto series represent Hybrid/off-grid solar inverters that adapt high-frequency switching technology and offer high efficiency power saving results to customers who seek for environment friendly solutions that shall help reduce on the electricity bill. SP Efecto inverters feature both built in AC charger and PV solar charger controllers to allow for as many as 500AH batteries to be used. The less than 10ms transfer time from utility to autonomous power supply is perfect for computer systems and is unique for high efficiency solar power supply systems. SP Efecto inverters introduce the parallel inter-connectivity to increase your overall solar installation power rating by simply adding inverters.

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